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12 Ways To Become A More Inspiring Leader

February 10, 2010

Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman and Scott Edinger conducted a four year study of over 200,000 responses to determine what makes an outstanding leader. Their research resulted in a book titled: The Inspiring Leader: Unlocking the Secrets of How Extraordinary Leaders Motivate. I have not read the book but I like and agree with the ways mentioned below to become a more inspiring leader, which I came across on .

We need more leaders, particularly elected leaders who are inspiring. What do you think about the 12 ways to become a more inspiring leader stated below?

  1. Use emotions more frequently and be attuned to the emotions of those around you. For example, express heartfelt appreciation, get excited about organizational success. Show energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Reach out to people. Find more ways to interact with your subordinates. Practice management by walking around. Initiate conversations and be constructive.
  3. Set an aggressive target. With the involvement of your team members, set a target that will stretch the group.
  4. Create a vivid picture of the organization three years from now.Get each person to identify how this affects their job. Align systems and initiatives around the vision.
  5. Practice lavish communication. Take the time to be inclusive by being diligent in passing on information that you collect to your colleagues. Controlling information is not inspiring.
  6. Delegate tasks with the development of the other person in mind. Delegation can be elevated to an important discussion and can be wrapped with important messages that inspire and that generate positive motivation. “I see this project as a real opportunity to help you develop your skills in….”
  7. Make having a personal development plan a priority and review it at least twice a year. Create positive consequences for having a personal development plan in place and for pursuing it.
  8. Schedule regular coaching sessions with each subordinate. Make yourself available. Also, leaders who are strong in self-development are very frequently rated higher on their ability to coach and develop others.
  9. Involve more people in decision making on every important issue. Seeking the opinion of others communicates that what they are doing is important and it conveys respect and appreciation and strengthens the bond with the leader.
  10. Shower positive attention on new ideas. If you have a “no” approach to new ideas, you will unwittingly close down creativity and innovation. If you don’t know, ask those who work for you, they’ll know.
  11. Be the example. Demonstrate to your colleagues with your actions what is valued by the organization. You may also need to selectively model behaviors that need to be emphasized in the organization. A “do as I do” approach.
  12. Take the first step. Be the one to initiate changes, projects, or communication that is necessary for the organization. Nothing says leader like being the initiator.