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Deputy Swap

January 22, 2010

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is very open to exploring new ideas in government. Bloomberg is requiring the first deputy for several city agencies to switch places with another first deputy for a three week period.

As the Mayor stated in a press release:

“The goal of the exchange is to improve inter-agency knowledge, understanding, and communication; foster new ideas for collaboration; and improve the services delivered to New Yorkers. Each first deputy commissioner will report back after the three-week relocation with observations and recommendations. The program, which was introduced during the Mayor’s inaugural address and began today, is modeled after an exercise the Mayor first employed at his company.”

“Tight budgets can not be an excuse for accepting the status quo,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Doing more with less means finding new ways to make government more productive, effective, and efficient – and a key way to do that is to bring a new set of eyes to each agency. Innovative management is more important now than ever.”

I love this idea! Having a boss that supports people immersing themselves in a new experience with the goal of obtaining new ideas for improving the operation of your organization, is what leadership is all about. There are many private sector CEOs who spend time working for a day in different positions of their company, I don’t read about it happening much in public sector organizations. If you are a Mayor, Legislator or Town Board member you need to spend time working along with your employees, if you are truly interested in understanding and improving the operation of your government.

If you are interested in obtaining new and innovative ideas follow Bloomberg’s lead and take similar steps with your organization.