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Be A Tax Hero!

January 12, 2010

If you as an elected official could create a tax system that did not penalize people for improving their properties you would be a hero. It makes people angry that when they paint their house, add siding or an addition, they get hit with an increase in their property tax assessment. What is even worse is if you have a run down vacant piece of land or property there is no tax penalty for doing nothing to improve your property.

Some communities have adopted a property tax system called Land Value Taxation, which completely flips the scenario described above. Several communities in Pennsylvania have implemented Land Value Taxation. Check out this link that provides a good but brief overview of Land Value Taxation.

As an elected official you get heat all the time about the property tax system, why not make a bold move and propose a major change to the system. Successful people change the rules of the game. Pushing this in your community will not be easy and it may requires changes at a higher level of government, but didn’t you get elected to make a difference?

Imagine if you could change the tax system so people would not get penalized for fixing up their homes. People would consider you a Superhero!

Just an idea for you to take and run with. Let me know how it goes and please share your thoughts as to what you think about the idea of Land Value Taxation.