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Survivor Math

January 31, 2010

In order to reach people you first have to get them interested. Teaching children math is not an easy task, especially since math can be boring. At Sanborn Elementary School, located in Andover Massachusetts, just north of Boston, two mothers Mina Patel and Jodi MacDonald decided to make math fun. With the help of 55 parent volunteers, the entire school participated in “Math Survivor,” a math challenge fashioned after the TV reality show “Survivor.”

As reported in the Andover Townsman:

“The enthusiasm was phenomenal. The kids were so excited to work on math, and work together with their classmates on math challenges. There was a great energy,” said Principal Patricia Barrett. “One of the things we always strive for is working collaboratively. When you’re looking at the jobs these kids will have, the skill they’ll need, besides academics, is to work collaboratively.”

Together two mothers developed a very creative approach in engaging students to become interested in math. I love the idea of using games as a way to make learning fun and interesting. If you know of other ideas people have used to make learning fun and interactive, please share them here.